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Birth Trauma Resolution

Designed to help mothers and parents who have experienced difficult or traumatic births.

Giving birth can be a challenging and overwhelming experience, and my goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for you to heal and process your feelings.

What is Birth Trauma?

Not all birth experiences are happy ones. Some women are left with negative memories of their birth that have a very serious impact on their daily lives and their parenting experience. Some remember their birth as a terrifying event where they feared for their own or their baby’s safety. Approximately 6% of women experience birth trauma, but the real number is likely to be much higher as so many suffer in silence. 

Birth trauma is very individual. An experience perceived as traumatic for some is not for another. Trauma may be triggered by experiences during pregnancy or birth. It may be linked to pregnancy loss or miscarriage. It can be due to loss of control, loss of dignity, fear, or mistreatment. It can even be the trigger for a previous trauma to reappear.

The symptoms are varied but may include:

Up to 80% of women who experience birth trauma can process and resolve the symptoms on their own in the weeks following the birth. However, 20% of women will need extra support to process and resolve the symptoms they are experiencing.

How can Birth Trauma Resolution help?

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Book a free 15-minute discovery call