Lactation Consultant IBCLC

Support and quality information are key to a positive breastfeeding journey.

As an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) I support families to reach their own breastfeeding goals.

With the right support and information most breastfeeding hurdles can be overcome. I offer one to one consultations in your own home and by video conference. We will work together to create a breastfeeding plan that feels right for your family. Your support does not end after the consultation. Your consultation fee includes a follow up phone or video call.

Breastfeeding Preparation Classes

Learning some key skills and information before your baby is born will increase your confidence and will help you to prepare for a successful breastfeeding journey. In this antenatal breastfeeding workshop we will cover:

  • the benefits of breastfeeding for mum, baby and the whole family
  • good latch and position
  • normal newborn behaviour
  • early feeding problems and how to troubleshoot them
  • breastfeeding support in your area

Discount available for those who also book an antenatal class